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Jerry D'Antonio

Husband, software developer, educator, Navy veteran, Catholic, progressive libertarian, contrarian, music-head, and Cleveland Bridge Builder. I proudly live in Akron, OH.

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About ME

  • I’m a professional software developer (aka computer programmer) with nearly 20 years experience. I’ve worked with many programming languages in my time, but these days I work mostly with Ruby and Erlang.

  • I am a Software Developer at Test Double where I privileged to work with incredibly talented developers elegantly solving complex business problems.

  • I created concurrent-ruby, an open source project providing modern concurrency tools, such as actors agents, futures, promises, thread pools, supervisors, and more to the Ruby programming language.

  • I am an organizer of the AkronCodeClub, a monthly meetup group promoting agile software development, software craftsmanship, and professional ethics. I am also a regular attendee and occasional speaker in the Cleveland Ruby Brigade (CleRB).

  • I’m a proud veteran of the United States Navy where I served as a Quartermaster on the (now decommissioned) USS Duluth (LPD-6).

  • I am passionate about civic engagement. I lead the software development team that built The Civic Commons, I participate in Code for Summit County, and I am a gratuate of Cleveland Bridge Builders, a civic leadership program of the Cleveland Leadership Center.

  • I am a regular conference speaker, having presented at RubyConf, Cascadia Ruby, CodeMash, and Stir Trek.

  • I proudly live in Akron, OH where I do what I can to keep Northeast Ohio such a great place to live.

  • I am Catholic and a member of Saint Sebastian Parish where I lector, serve on the Finance Committee, and am a member of the Pre-Cana team.

  • I love to travel and have visited almost 30 countries.