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Jerry D'Antonio

Husband, software developer, educator, Navy veteran, Catholic, progressive libertarian, contrarian, music-head, and Cleveland Bridge Builder. I proudly live in Akron, OH.

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I’m excited to announce that Concurrent Ruby 1.0 has been released!

Concurrent Ruby is a robust suite of tools for building safe, reliable, performant concurrent applications in Ruby. It’s being used by many projects including Rails, Sidekiq, Logstash, Dynflow, Volt, Hamster, and Pakyow, as well as many corporations including Microsoft and MX. Our work is an international collaboration of more that 40 contributors from over 20 countries.

Our 1.0 release marks a huge milestone. With this release we’ve locked in the current APIs and are committed to supporting our work and our users for a long time to come. Projects can use these tools with confidence, knowing that they have the best concurrency tools available in Ruby–and a dedicated team working hard to continually improve them.